Strategic Advice for Executives

Strategic Advice for Executives

Strategic Advice for ExecutivesStrategic Advice for ExecutivesStrategic Advice for Executives

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NEW Developments


BigLaw 2020: Special Partner Issues

See this new webpage for At-risk BigLaw Partners and Counsel. It provides info such as the following:

Executive Rx for 2020: Prepping for Recession or Volatility

Executive Compensation & Volatile Times - see this article from Law360 (2020.01.14) for the greatest risks and best precautions to consider before a recession or other financial volatility strikes.

Good Faith and Fair Dealing.  Principles of fairness generally entitle executives and other employees to collect bonuses and other performance-based compensation if applicable goals have been satisfied, as well as . . .  continued at  Cash Bonus Litigation.  

"The Art of Drafting Executive Employment Agreements"

2019.11.22  LexisNexis made this article a featured one because it provides insights about the full range of employment terms -- from both the employer perspective and that of individual executives. It is an excellent guide for determining reasonable "asks" as well as provisions to seek or to question.