Exits from the Workforce

2019.02.19 . 

2019.01  Proposals to Keep Older People in the Labor Force, Brookings Institute. See this article for well-taken ideas aimed to employees and employers.  

2018.12.28  If you’re over 50, chances are the decision to leave a job won’t be yours (ProPublica). The article begins "A new data analysis by ProPublica and the Urban Institute 

shows more than half of older U.S. workers are pushed out of longtime jobs before they choose to retire, suffering financial damage that is often irreversible."

2018.04.14  16 Key Issues In Negotiating An Employment Severance Package (Forbes)

2013.12.23  50 is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs and Denied New Opportunities  ().

Moving Forward

2019.02.27 "Reboot, Retire, or Rewire?" Many tips - from financial to life planning - appear within this article for professionals who are transitioning to retirement. 

2019.01.31  "Decumulation Confusion"  This thoughtful article begins: "Just as the accumulation of sufficient assets is vital to retirement, proper decumulation - or the spending of those assets during retirement - is equally critical. We talk a lot about the former, but not so much about the latter; however as more Baby Boomers age into retirement, this will likely become a more frequent topic of conversation."

2018.07.12  Too Much Employer Stock? Don't Ignore Diversification (Poerio, Law360).

10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search (with strategies for overcoming them) - from Career Potential LLC.

Exit Litigation

See the following link for court cases focused on executive terminations and transitions.

Exit-related Litigation