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2020.02.29  Profits Interests?   This complex incentive has the potential to generate capital gains treatment, but needs careful consideration before implementation. Here are articles that examine the associated tax, business, and administrative considerations, as well as comparisons to stock options and other incentives.

2019.11.22   The Art of Drafting Employment Agreements - Law360 featured this article because of it looks at employment agreements from the often competing perspectives of employers and individual executives.  This comprehensive article was published in two parts, namely:

  • Part 1 discusses: (1) the term of the agreement, (2) the executive's compensation, benefits, stock awards, and perquisites, and (3) restrictive covenants in the form of non-competition and non-solicitation conditions.
  • Part 2 discusses: severance, changes in control, golden parachute and other tax considerations, dispute resolution, and governing law.

2019.10.24   Avoid these mistakes if you’re over 50 and changing careers.   This insightful Marketwatch article discusses the following five well-noted mistakes to consider before making a job change:

  1. Not ‘testing’ your new career first
  2. Not managing expectations
  3. Not knowing what matters most
  4. Not seeking training first
  5. Not having a plan B

2019.10.04   Negotiating Employment Agreement Terms (Lexis, by Poerio) - This comprehensive article provides insights - from both the individual and employer perspectives - into the full range of terms normally addressed in executive employment agreements. 

2019.05.21  Start-up and Private Company Company: Equity Award Alternatives.   This article from provides good thought-provoking information about the types of equity awards that executives may receive.  One goal should be securing capital gain treatment!  More discussion here..

2019.02.27 "Reboot, Retire, or Rewire?" Many tips - from financial to life planning - appear within this article for professionals who are transitioning to retirement. 

10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search (with strategies for overcoming them) - from Career Potential LLC.

New Ventures

2019.08.12  Employee Stock Ownership Plans - and Succession. This Investment News Article about ESOPs gives a good sense of how they can work - and how much they can cost (about $50K per year),  ESOPs tend to have many risks that make it smart to consider other succession alternatives too (e.g. management buy-outs).  

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