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2019.10.04   Negotiating Employment Agreement Terms (Lexis 2019.10.04, by Poerio) - This comprehensive article provides insights - from both the individual and employer perspectives - into the full range of terms normally addressed in executive employment agreements. 

2019.05.21  Start-up and Private Company Company: Equity Award Alternatives.   This article from provides good thought-provoking information about the types of equity awards that executives may receive.  One goal should be securing capital gain treatment!  More discussion here..

2019.02.27 "Reboot, Retire, or Rewire?" Many tips - from financial to life planning - appear within this article for professionals who are transitioning to retirement. 

10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search (with strategies for overcoming them) - from Career Potential LLC.

New Ventures

2019.08.12  Employee Stock Ownership Plans - and Succession. This Investment News Article about ESOPs gives a good sense of how they can work - and how much they can cost (about $50K per year),  ESOPs tend to have many risks that make it smart to consider other succession alternatives too (e.g. management buy-outs).  

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